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Character #3's Interview

Here is the answer to yesterday’s interview with a character. If you guessed Nathan, you were correct.


Character #3


CherAnn: Can you describe your childhood and upbringing?


Character #3: My father was a drunk and my mother, well, she was just my mother. Not much else I want to say about it.


CherAnn:  How do you handle stress or difficult situations?


Character #3My friend and I pour ourselves a shot or two of whiskey.


CherAnn:  How do you feel about the people closest to you?


Character #3Protective.


CherAnn:  Have you ever been involved in any criminal activities or done anything morally questionable?


Character # 3: [laughs] I wouldn’t be very good at keeping secrets if I answered this question, but yes, I have. But you have to get caught in order for it to be considered a criminal activity—at least charged with something. So, then I suppose my answer would be no. Now as for as morally questionable, I can only tell you that I do what I have to do to protect those that I love.


CherAnn:  Do you believe in the concept of good and evil? How do you define them?


Character #3My definition of good and evil has a very fine line between the two. One can commit an evil act but all for the sake of doing something good. Sometimes one has to do something bad to make someone’s else’s life good.


CherAnn:  Do you care to elaborate on that?


Character #3: [nervous chuckle] My best friend had an abusive drunk for a husband. He like to use her face for a punching bag way too often, so I had to do something very bad to make her life better. I can’t tell you what, but let’s just say, he’ll never lay a hand on her again.


CherAnn:  How do you feel about the concept of fate or destiny?


Character #3I believe in Karma. If you do things to intentionally hurt other’s, then Karma will decide your fate or destiny [cocked smile].

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