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I have always had the dream of becoming a writer, but like so many others, I put my dream on hold, raised a family, and have worked as a teacher for over fourteen years. I couldn’t quite bury the itch to write, so after sending my two daughters off to college, I scratched the itch and wrote my first novel, Where Secrets Stay.

The novel first began as a memoir, and upon realizing that some of my traumatic childhood memories were almost more than I could bear, I decided to give those memories to the character of my first book. Through writing and healing, my story unfolded and became a tale about triumph, the empowerment that came from it, and living out my dream.

I now strive to write stories that follow this same path. Stories about characters, especially women, who persevere despite trauma, fear, and those who wish the character's ill will. In my stories, you're sure to finish with the feeling that we all have the strength to conquer anything life throws at us.

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