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Character #6's Interview

The character in the last post was Kevan Renee, the main character.


Character #6



CherAnn:  Can you describe your childhood and upbringing?


Character #6: [Hooks both thumbs through his suspender straps and interlaces his fingers over his chest.] I grew up with both my parents who are still married after 50 years. I had a pretty good home life. My Daddy was a cop and so was his Daddy. My Mom stayed home and took care of her four children. She was the tough one.


CherAnn:  How do you perceive yourself? Do you think others see you the same way?


Character #6: Well, I’d like to think I’m a fair man, honest, and hard working. I believe in giving anyone a second chance if they show me that they realize their mistakes. But if you don’t, then I’m not much on giving leniency. Most people know that about me and those that don’t learn it the hard way.


CherAnn:  How do you handle stress or difficult situations?


Character #6: My best therapy is my boat and fishing. There’s nothing like being out there on the water waiting for the end of that pole to tip forward. And when you reel in that big one, well, all that bottled up stress gets worked right out of you. 


CherAnn: Have you ever been in a situation where you felt completely out of control?


Character #6I don’t know about completely, but I have been in some sticky situations. But I always come out of it with a lesson learned. I also know that you do what you have to do in those sticky situations, and you do what’s best for everyone involved—sometimes even if it is wrong.


CherAnn:  Do you believe in the concept of good and evil? How do you define them?


Character #6Yes and no. Yes, there is evil out there and there are people who do evil things. But there’s also people who do evil things for the greater good. Good and evil is subjective; it all depends on who you ask and what the situation is. Sometimes evil is necessary just the same as good is necessary.


CherAnn: You care to elaborate on that?


Character #6: [stretches at his suspenders] Well, I can’t say much, but whenever I’m caught, or anyone else is caught in a sticky situation, decisions have to be made, good or evil, because sometimes good is too good for some people. I’ve often had to do things that other might think is evil, but in the end, it had to be done to rid the world of evil.


CherAnn: Last question. Do you believe in redemption or forgiveness?


Character #6: Well, I suppose in my profession I must believe in both.






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