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Coming June 29, 2024

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Seven-year-old Abby didn’t kill her own sister, her imaginary friend did. No one would believe her.


Abby starts to remember the truth behind her sister’s death when she hears her daughter talking to her dead twin sister, Ally. These haunting memories escalate when she makes a disturbing discovery hidden in her basement. Now she believes that the real killer is still out there, and to clear her name and let her sister rest in peace, she must find proof that her memories are real.

There's a good reason why no one believes her innocence as a child. Born into every generation of their family is a 'good' twin and a 'bad' twin.

Guess which one Abby is?

Fighting generations of jealousy and bitterness, Abby confronts the past, enlisting the help of estranged family members and her devoted, yet frustrating ex-husband, whom she can’t seem to pull herself free from. When eerie threats rear their horrifying heads, the only way that Abby can keep her daughter safe is to break the family curse.

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