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Abandoned Home

Where Secrets Stay

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On an abandoned estate lies a sinister secret that artist Kevan Renee must never uncover. She's spent her life burying her traumatic past, vowing that she'll never look back.


Nathan Hill is tormented by the disappearance of his little sister for over two decades. 


When Ke van's beloved Gammie dies, she inherits the long-forgotten property and receives a key to her haunting past. She is soon drawn back to this place and quickly discovers that she and Gammie had been there often during her childhood. At first, the memories awakened by her return appear innocent and nostalgic, but quickly shifts to restless nights and chilling nightmares. These enigmatic themes are rooted in her artwork. Among the haunting visions, one figure stands out—a lone little girl standing beside a still pond. 



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Praise for Where Secrets Stay


Filled with many storylines from different generations and viewpoints that come together beautifully in the end, Where Secrets Stay will keep the reader guessing and on the edge of their seat until the end. CherAnn Wright artfully addresses how generational trauma is passed along through the decades while spinning the web of a story that displays how the horrible actions of one human can affect dozens around them.

If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. I have read romance most of my life and just recently started reading all the thrillers and mysteries. This book has definitely helped me to realize how much I enjoy psychological thrillers!



Where Secrets Stay is a book that is told over multiple generations and different points of view. A woman inherits her Gammie's estate which has buried secrets from her childhood. The author cleverly weaves a tangle web of lies that slowly reveals how the secrets connect the relationships of the different generations.The story was brilliantly executed, which kept me guessing the whole time. The ending was riveting and I was surprised.

Jake Randell, The Washington Paper

Mandy Fernandez, Seattle Daily

Gemma Nashville, Books in Review

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