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Character #2's Interview

Here is the answer to yesterday’s character interview:  Dorothy. Congratulations if you guessed correctly!



Character Interview #2



CherAnn: How do you perceive yourself? Do you think others see you the same way?


Character #2: I’d like to think that I’m an honorable person. I believe in respect and hard work and I hope others see me that way too.


CherAnn:  Can you describe your childhood and upbringing?


Character #2: For a long time, I was an only child, and it was just me and my mother living on our own. My mother was poor, but she worked hard to give me what she could. Then, she had my sister when I was eight. We moved in a tenant home where my mother worked for our landlord in exchange for the home on her big plantation.


CherAnn:  What major events or experiences have shaped who you are today?


Character #2: Well, I guess you could say that my life completely changed when my little sister disappeared. I felt lost after that—like there was a hole in me, but when my mother died, that hole in me grew and became permanent. 


CherAnn:  Do you have any regrets or things you wish you could change about your past?


Character #2I wish I could go back and be home with my Godmother when she needed me most.


CherAnn:  Have you ever experienced hallucinations or delusions?


Character #2: Not really until lately. I keep thinking that I hear my little sister laughing, but when I look for her, she’s not there.


CherAnn: Last question; Do you have any secrets you’re willing to share?


Character #2Yeah, well you might think this is crazy but, it turns out that I can talk to dead people.

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