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Character #1's Interview

Updated: Apr 9

Character #1



CherAnn: How do you perceive yourself? Do you think others see you the same way?


Character #1: I believe I'm a person of influence, and people look up to me. I've been known to make a bad decision now and then, but I always come out stronger in the end.


CherAnn: How would you describe what motivates you?


Character #1: My family worked hard for what they have, and they taught me the same. I don’t squander it, and I know that I must protect it.


CherAnn: What are your greatest fears or insecurities?


Character #1: Well, I don’t know. My best friend is the only person who knows what my insecurities are, and we’re the type who take our secrets to the grave. But if I had to disclose anything, it would be that I often second guess myself. I can’t always make the tough decisions. I’m only glad that I have a best friend who helps me do that.


CherAnn: Can you describe your childhood and upbringing?


Character #1: I was an only child, and my family had money. I never wanted for anything, but I also had parents who liked to flaunt their money, entertaining guests with big parties and such. I never liked all of that, really.


CherAnn: What do you think is your biggest flaw?


Character #1: My best friend would say that I’m too trusting and that I fall for the bad boys. I think she might be right. It gets me into trouble every time.


CherAnn: Have you ever been involved in any criminal activities or done anything morally questionable?


Character #1: I’m not sure I can talk about that without incriminating myself, but my best friend and I always take care of our problems. Right or wrong.


CherAnn: Do you believe in redemption or forgiveness?


Character #1: I used to believe in forgiveness, but after marrying a drunken husband and putting up with his abuse, I’m now a firm believer in redemption.


CherAnn: Final question; Do you have any secrets you're willing to share?

Character #1: [face flushes] Well, now, secrets aren’t meant to be shared. They’re supposed to be buried forever. But I can tell you this; there is a place, and if it could talk—oh the answers you could find.

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